For Dreams too BIG to be Built Alone


We are a project aimed for disruptive businesses at the beginning of the road: young entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas in the technology area, in the MVP or prototype stage, with the vision of having an impact in society and with the passion to turn this desire into reality.

ROCA X is building a solid and much needed bridge for startups between the support offered by business angels which are nurturing ideas in their infant stage and the upper stage VCs providing growth support for the companies teenage times.

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ROCA X is part of Impetum Group, together with CITR and ROCA.

ROCA X is a privately funded Romanian venture capital with global reach.

we offer

We provide more than a QUICK ACCESS to capital - ROCA X leverages its exceptional network on the Romanian market offered by Impetum Group to which ROCA X belongs to, alongside CITR and ROCA and the many iconic figures of the Romanian entrepreneurship. We understand the dynamics of each industry sector for smart investing and we want to help the selected startups validate and optimize their models to accelerate their growth. 

Focusing on early stage startups with tickets between 50k and 500k.

We team up with: Impetum Group, Google for Startups, European Startup Association, AWS Activate partner, TechAngels.


ROCA X is up to date with the latest breakthroughs

Business Review
ROCA X welcomes Senior Investment Partners Jennifer Austin and Matei Dumitrescu
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Romanian cybersecurity startup CODA Intelligence receives funding of 800,000 Euro
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Alexandru Bogdan is the new CEO of ROCA X
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The local start-up Humans just received 330.000 euro funding from ROCA X and Early Game Ventures
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ROCA X attracts funds for Romanian startups
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The founders of CITR, ROCA and ROCA X have launched Impetum Group, the first Romanian group dedicated to the mission to maximize business value at any stage of a company's life.
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ROCA X & Xvision
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ROCA X wants to invest 4 million euros in startups this year: check below what businesses we have chosen so far
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yeParking, the first and largest parksharing solution in Romania, announces a first round of financing from Roca X.
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ROCA X and Early Games Venture has invested in Milluu, an application for digitizing the rental process
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Financial Intelligence
MedicAI technology start-up attracts 500,000 euros from ROCA X and D Moonshots
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What is Beez, the Romanian application that gives your money back when you buy online
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The Newest Romanian Private VC Roca X Puts Over €600K Into Six Startups
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Frisbo's smart efulfillment Romanian platform received a financing of 1.2 million euros, being evaluated at 6 million euros
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What has to offer Roca X for tech startups and what are the amounts of money they want to invest
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How to Web 2019: Investment of 125.000 euro for the winner of Startup Spotlight
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