About us

We are a project aimed at disruptive businesses at the beginning of the road: young entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas in the technology area, in the MVP or prototype stage, with the vision of having an impact in society and with the passion to turn this desire into reality.

ROCA X is building a solid and much-needed bridge for startups between the support offered by business angels which are nurturing ideas in their infant stage and the upper stage VCs providing growth support for the company teenage times.

ROCA X is part of Impetum Group, together with CITR and ROCA.

What we offer

ROCA X leverages its exceptional network on the Romanian market offered by Impetum Group to which ROCA X belongs, alongside CITR and ROCA and the many iconic figures of Romanian entrepreneurship. We understand the dynamics of each industry sector and we want to help the selected startups validate and optimize their models to accelerate their growth. 

We team up with: Impetum Group, Google for Startups, European Startup Association, AWS Activate partner, TechAngels.